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Policies and Pricing


Bozeman Childbloom Studio Policies and Tuition Rates


•          There is a $30 enrollment fee in addition to the first month’s tuition.

•          Students attend one 30 minute class per week.

•          Enrollment is monthly. Customary rate (in small classes) is $100 per month.

•          Sibling Rate is $80 per child per month.

•          Individual Rate (intense solo Childbloom instruction, rarely recommended) is $110 per month.

•          Craig’s rate for individual non-Childbloom lessons is $30 per 1/2 hour lesson, $50 per one hour lesson.


Each year contains 42 or more prescheduled teaching weeks. Each month contains no less than 3 teaching weeks. See for instance the current schedule/events. Tuition is due by the first day of the month. It is easiest to pay for the upcoming month’s classes at the last class of the previous month. Cash is OK, or make checks out to Craig Hall. Checks can also be mailed to


The Bozeman Childbloom Guitar Program

1510 S Grand Ave

Bozeman, MT 59715

You are welcome to pay multiple months in advance, also, if that’s easier. All students must pay the full monthly tuition regardless of any classes they miss. If the student misses a class due to a conflict (sports, school activities, etc) these classes missed will not be credited to you. Students are not entitled to makeup classes for those missed in this manner. In case of a student family emergency or illness we will try to schedule a make-up session of some type if you prefer. (Please do not attend class if student or parent is communicably ill.) If the instructor has to miss a class and cannot reschedule or find a substitute teacher, you will be credited that amount in the tuition payment due for the following month.




We request a 2 week notice of intent to drop. This will constitute a ‘legitimate drop’ and you will be eligible to re-enroll later (within 6 months or so) with no enrollment fee. Childbloom will not refund tuition for the current month’s classes.


Expectations of the student by the instructor:

Students are expected to behave appropriately in class. Childbloom instructors are trained to mitigate misbehavior with all the students’ best interests at heart. Parents may be asked to assist in this endeavor, in hopes of making each challenge a growing experience for everyone involved. The instructor is open to parents’ concerns, and is interested in nipping behavioral problems in the bud. Encouragement toward ever-more confident, focused, appropriate behavior can be an invaluable attribute of the Childbloom Guitar Program.

Students are expected to practice the guitar at home between lessons as outlined by their instructor. “Practice” means something entirely different for a 6 year-old child in level one and a 14 year-old intermediate student. Talk with your instructor about age/level appropriate practice activities and strategies for your child. Students should expect to practice a minimum of 5 days per week, for a length of time dependent upon the student’s playing level (10 minutes a day for young beginners…) Parents are expected to monitor practice habits and/or assist practice.



There will be several performance opportunities throughout the year. These will be voluntary, though some subtle arm-twisting may occur. Performing is FUN!!


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