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Nationally, the Childbloom Guitar Program is a comprehensive music education program developed in 1980 by Kevin Taylor, of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. It is currently being used by educators around the country and is the largest program of its kind in the United States. Using a painstakingly-developed, innovative approach in a positive, low-pressure environment, we help build the foundation for a lifetime of confident involvement in music and the arts and in all social settings.


Youngsters first concentrate on a stable, classical sitting position, including carefully chosen chair and footstool heights, and soon begin playing multi-part arrangements, first simple ones, by rote, and later more and more by written music. The curriculum has been carefully developed and tweaked, employing an understanding of modern child development science. Traditional classical guitar technique is taught, using the fingers of the right hand rather than a pick.

Much of the music is arranged in multiple parts, necessitating that the students learn listening and blending skills, and confident independence. We prepare students to continue in classical education as their skills progress, or use their reading and ensemble skills to branch out confidently to play other styles of music.

Public performances are encouraged, though not required. 




Testimonials About the Childbloom Guitar Program




The Childbloom program is outstanding. Our son has not only learned how to play the guitar and read music, but has also developed a profound love for the craft and discipline of the art form. Mr. Hall’s expertise and mentorship is a gift to this community - Elizabeth DeFanti, Artistic Director, Montana Ballet Company



Two aspects of Childbloom that have helped my son improve are having the lessons with another student (competition & collaboration!) and the recitals, which remind him why he enjoys guitar (he's a performer at heart). The curriculum is structured to attain fluency reading music easily. Under the supervision of his Childbloom instructors he has improved his technique as well - Carrie Samsel





"If you are looking for something special to enrich the very life of your've found it in Childbloom!" .... A. Peterson-Boise, ID 

We love the Childbloom program for our son! We have seen amazing growth in his musical skills, his attention to lessons and his musical confidence. I highly recommend this program to all who desire excellence in musical education for their child.... Christy Oswald Greenbay, WI


At first I thought that three students at one lesson were too many but they "feed" off each other... a good competitive edge…. Our son has enjoyed learning the guitar so far and feels successful... I know this is a positive experience for him.... Dori Avery, Lexington, KY


The Childbloom program has helped teach my son discipline, and shown him the positive outcome when you stick to something.... Brenda DeGraffenreid, Tulsa, OK


My child has just completed the Learning to Read Music book and is excited today as she was the day when she started playing the guitar. Thanks Childbloom!... Debbie Cook, Tulsa, OK


Chilbloom is a great program and I wouldn’t dream of having my daughter learn another way.... Gayle Matthias, Mesquite/Lake Highlands, TX

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